Amazonia Pet Care

A country that breaths innovation and owns the lung of the world, the Amazonian rain forest, the largest cradle of biodiversity in the planet.

Amazonia Pet Care have combined the benefits from the Brazilian natural actives, absorbing the Amazonian essence without harming it.

Amazonia Pet Care uses these abundant gifts of the Amazon rainforest to bring together a wealth of beauty and natural ingredients from its flora and fauna.

Ingredients such as Açaí Berry, Pitanga (Brazilian Cherry), Coconut, Aloe Vera, and Passion Fruit. Fruits, leaves, seeds bioactives with unique properties, moisturizers, emollients and antioxidants, that nourishes, protect, regenerate and soothe skin.

Combinations of these natural ingredients are used in Amazonia's unique blends of shampoos, conditioners and other pet grooming products used to bathe and condition your pets’ coats, keeping them soft, luxurious, nourished and smelling unbelievably wonderful.

Additionally, Amazonia have engineered natural bioactive products to help combat insects, shedding, itching and other things you want to shield your pet from.

Amazonia products will transform your pets bath into a shared experience of sensations, promoting affection, caring, and strengthening bonds.