Australian Naturally Shed Deer Antlers
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Australian Naturally Shed Deer Antlers

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Our antlers are all naturally shedded and cruelty free Australian antlers.

Deer shed their antlers annually and they are then collected from the natural habitat in Australia.

They are full of nutrients, do not splinter, can last for months and dogs love them!

On top of that tasty and healthy bone marrow, chewing on these hard dog chews can help scrape away plaque buildup to improve your dog’s dental hygiene.

Plus, chewing is a super healthy behavior in itself–in fact, it’s a natural stress reliever, so your pup will be super happy when he has something so tasty to chew!


Health Benefits:

  • Rich in calcium and minerals
  • Great for arthritis
  • Contain glucosamine and chondroitin, helping to reduce pain effectively as they reduce swelling in the joints for senior dogs suffering from arthritis


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Medium >95gm To 160gm

Large >160gm To 265gm

Xlarge >265gm