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Absolute Holistic Air Dried Cat Food - Blue Mackeral & Lamb
Absolute Holistic

Absolute Holistic Air Dried Cat Food - Blue Mackeral & Lamb

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Help your cat achieve optimal, lifelong health with the Absolute Holistic Air-Dried Cat Food Blue Mackerel & Lamb.

Formulated with 93% blue mackerel fish and lamb meat, 7% superfood fruits and vegetables & supplements, and 0% grains/corn/soy/wheat, this wholesome high-protein and grain-free air-dried cat food (made in New Zealand) presents nutrition for cats in a way that ensures your pet receives maximum nutritional health benefits.

The blue mackerel and lamb meat present in this health-packed pet food provide essential protein, vitamins and minerals your cat requires daily. Lamb meat is known for having a higher iron content compared to chicken or fish and is a fantastic protein source, which helps maintain muscles and tissues. Blue mackerel is an excellent alternative to salmon and is packed with omega essential fatty acids to promote healthier skin and fur coat, improve joint health, and even boost brain health.

Added fruits, vegetables, and supplements–such as green-lipped mussels for joint health (glucosamine and chondroitin), antioxidants, kelp, and flaxseed–boost the nutritional value of this air-dried cat food formula for a more balanced meal. You can use the Absolute Holistic Air-Dried Cat Food Blue Mackerel & Lamb as a main meal or as everyday/training treats.

Why Choose Air-Dried Pet Food?

By air-drying raw food ingredients, nutrients are retained at its highest, most natural form and aren’t destroyed in the cooking process. The natural flavours of the meat are also kept intact for maximum palatability that your pet will love.

Air-Dried vs. Raw & Freeze-Dried Pet Food

Both air-dried and freeze-dried pet food and treats are two types of preservation methods that remove moisture found in raw food ingredients. But they do have their differences.

The freeze - drying method requires raw food to be frozen first. Then, the food is placed inside a strong vacuum machine at a higher temperature to make the frozen water evaporate and reduce down to about 3% moisture. Due to the extremely low moisture, freeze-dried pet food and treats are often rehydrated before serving.

For air-drying, raw food is placed inside a dehydrate where air circulates gently and slowly over a long period of time to evaporate the moisture present in the raw pet food or treats, which gives them the signature jerky-like texture.

Both methods are designed to retain the maximum amount of nutrients and flavour.

Made with New Zealand Sourced Ingredients

From free-range farms to the fresh waters of New Zealand, Absolute Holistic Pet Food and Treats contain superior ingredients from sources you can trust. Check out some of the extra cat-friendly additions that your cat will get when eating Absolute Holistic:

  • Green-lipped mussels – famously known for being a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, two nutrients that are vital for hip and joint health.
  • Parsley – a pet-friendly herb that helps freshen breath and keep bad breath bacteria away.
  • Kelp – contains iodine and known to provide support to the urinary system and kidneys.
  • Flaxseed – a plant-based source of omega fatty acids that nourish your pet in order to boost skin and fur coat health.
  • Chicory – promotes healthier digestion and healthy bacteria growth in the gut.


  • Premium air-dried blue mackerel and lamb cat food inspired by the Paleo whole prey diet for canines
  • Formulated as a high-protein, grain-free diet that mimics the diet of your cat’s ancestors
  • 93% blue mackerel fish and lamb meat, 7% superfood fruits and vegetables & supplements, and 0% grains, corn, and soy
  • Contains lamb organs (liver and lungs) to increase nutritional intake (animal organs are known to have a high amount of essential vitamins and minerals!)
  • Rich in omega fatty acids thanks to the blue mackerel fish – great alternative to salmon
  • Slowly dehydrated during a 10-hour period at 72°C to 80°C to retain all natural flavour and nutrients to ensure your cat gets the full nutritional benefits
  • Can be used as training treats or as regular daily meals
  • All ingredients sourced from free-range farms and water in New Zealand
  • For all life stages and great for cats that are picky eaters

Protein: Blue Mackerel & Lamb

Package Size: 500g