Asan Paper Pellet Cat Litter
Asan Paper Pellet Cat Litter

Asan Paper Pellet Cat Litter

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  • Exceptional 400% absorbability

ASAN litter absorbs all moisture within a few seconds of contact. One 4kg bag absorbs 20L of fluid excrements. 

  • One pack for more than 4 weeks

A 10L pack of ASAN litter lasts one cat for almost 5 weeks thanks to its extraordinary absorbability. ASAN consumption on average is 5 times lower than mineral and woody litters.

  • Easy and quick cleaning

ASAN litter is produced through an ecological production process that enables it to be flushed down the toilet or alternatively, put in the compost bin.

ASAN is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

  • Focus on health

ASAN is the most suitable litter for households with children. It essentially lowers the production of bacteria and microorganisms in litter and does not induce coughing, allergies nor irritates conjunctiva. It is safe for pets as well as household members.