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Beef Hoof Hooves - Empty

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The Cow Hooves dog treats made from 100% Australian Cows.

These treats are perfect for filling with other treats, such as organic peanut butter, or meat.

They can also be purchased with dried kangaroo meat filling, which is convenient for you, and delicious for your pooch.

They are one of our most long-lasting and durable treats, ideal for medium to large dogs though we have smaller dogs who also love them!

These are very long lasting tasty treats for small to medium dogs whereas stronger jaws will find them easier to consume faster.

These are also great treats for puppies and teething puppies.

They are the perfect texture to chew on and continue chewing for a long period of time.

These treats are high in protein and very lean, with much of the nutritional benefits found in beef.

Not to mention, the chewing of the hoof will maintain your dog’s dental hygiene.

On their own, or with a filling, the Cow Hoof dog treats are sure to be a hit.