Billy and Margot Dog Dry Food - Chicken & Duck
Billy and Margot Dog Dry Food - Chicken & Duck
Billy and Margot Dog Dry Food - Chicken & Duck
Billy and Margot

Billy and Margot Dog Dry Food - Chicken & Duck

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With the Billy + Margot Chicken & Duck, you’ll have a well-balanced meal ready for your pet any time of the day! This formula has a rich blend of 40% chicken and duck proteins and 60% superfoods and is 100% grain-free, which is ideal for pets with sensitive stomachs and assists with natural digestion for better absorption of nutrients. Every ingredient is carefully selected to ensure that it is delivering the nutritional needs of your dog.

Sweet potatoes, instead of grains, are the main carb source for the Chicken & Duck dry dog food formula. Blueberries and cranberries give your dog extra antioxidants to fight off illnesses and keep their skin healthy. Healthy fats such as coconut oil and fish oil are mixed in to give your dog omega fatty acids and other beneficial nutrients to help improve their skin health and make their fur coat shinier. For a complete, balanced meal, supplements like vitamin B12 are included to give provide your furry friend with all their daily nutrients. 


  • Premium dry dog food with a delicious blend of chicken, duck, and superfoods
  • Made with 100% human-grade, wholesome ingredients for optimal taste and health
  • 40% chicken and duck meat, 60% superfood & holistic ingredients
  • Contains supplements such as vitamin B12 for additional nutrition
  • Coconut, flaxseed, and fish oils for essential omega fatty acids
  • Grain-free formula – great for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • Includes sweet potatoes and red lentils as primary carb sources
  • Cranberries and blueberries for antioxidants
  • Kale and spinach for extra veggies and nutrients
  • No artificial ingredients, preservatives or fillers
  • Suitable for adult dogs
  • Made in Australia from Australian ingredients