Billy and Margot Dog Dry Food - Kangaroo Superfood Blend
Billy and Margot

Billy and Margot Dog Dry Food - Kangaroo Superfood Blend

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You may recognise them from TV’s Dragon’s Den, Billy + Margot are committed to providing dogs with recipes that fulfil their nutritious need through a blend of meat and superfoods. With a promise to only use fresh and raw meat, you can be guaranteed each and every ingredient is of an extremely high quality

Made with a single source of animal protein, this grain free dry food recipe is concocted in accordance to their 70/30/0 formula – 70% meat, 30% superfood and holistic ingredients, and 0% grain. This Billy + Margot Kangaroo and Superfood Blend is made of 72% raw lamb and 26% superfood and holistic ingredients. 

What about the remaining 0%? That would be the grains that don’t belong in there of course. 

The ideal choice of food for those doggos that are sensitive to what they eat, this blend is a balanced meal complete with an abundance of Omega-3 fatty acids that will enrich your dog’s coat and skin health. In addition, their recipe also holds those essential micronutrients that will allow your doggo thrive.