Fancy Feast Cat Food - Chicken, Turkey & Vegetable Flavour

Fancy Feast Cat Food - Chicken, Turkey & Vegetable Flavour

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Fancy Feast Chicken, Turkey and Vegetable is a tasty dry cat food formulated for adult cats.

This formula delivers a unique taste experience of beef and cheese combined with salmon to create a crunchy taste sensation.

Fancy Feasts range is highly palatable, made with the finest kitty-tempting aromas and flavours.

With a wide variety of flavours to choose from, your kitty is sure to find satisfaction with Fancy Feast.

This scrumptious dry kibble is specially formulated to provide a complete and balanced diet for adult cats.

  • Flavours of chicken and turkey to create a crunchy taste sensation
  • Delicious crunchy kibble
  • Complete and balanced meal for adult cats of all breeds
  • Available in an array of other delicious flavours for all fussy eaters

Feeding guide recommends feeding a 2kg adult cat 1/3 cup daily; a 3kg adult cat 1/2 cup daily; and a 4kg adult cat 3/4 cup daily.

Always feed to your cats ideal weight and adjust this recommended feeding amount if any extra wet food or treats is given throughout the day.