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Hikari Bio-Pure Bloodworms Frozen Fish Food
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Hikari Bio-Pure Bloodworms Frozen Fish Food

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An excellent, higher protein, natural food for most tropical and select marine fishes.
A Unique Food Offering

  •    Naturally contain fatty acids and color enhancing nutrients
  •     A size almost any fish can readily consume and digest
  •     A combination of vitamins and live blood worms you cannot duplicate with live
  •     Easy to use "no touch" mini cubes make measured feeding a snap

Proprietary Processes Help Us Offer Unsurpassed Quality
3 Step Sterilized for safety
Free of harmful parasites and bacteria or foul odor
Multi-step cleansing process offers the world's cleanest frozen foods available   today
Gut-loaded with Bio-Encapsulated Multi-Vitamins to offer better than live food nutrition
Our proprietary Mega-Power Freezer helps us lock in all the nutrition your fish need while maintaining the natural color, taste and texture
Hi-tech and highly automated packing machines allow us to maintain the integrity of the animal and avoid pieces and parts common with competitive products
Feed no more than your fish will consume within 30-45 seconds no more than twice daily. Avoid over-feeding as it can cause water quality issue.

Ideal For:
Most Freshwater and limited marine environments especially eels, live bearers, American cichlids, discus and selected aquatic reptiles.

Be Careful:
Care should be taken to avoid over-feeding and any uneaten food should be removed after the feeding period to avoid water quality issues and the health problems that can result. Additionally, feeding live or frozen foods can spoil your aquatic pet and make feeding a formulated food more difficult. Live or frozen foods should be used as a treat to “mix up” your nutritional offering, not act as a substitute for good nutrient selection that offers a full offering of necessary nutrition.

Please note:
Handling a frozen food that is derived from a live animal can cause the same allergic reaction possible by handling the live animal itself. To avoid potential problems, always wash your hands immediately after use and avoid contact with your nose and mouth prior to washing.

Blood Worms, water, vitamin B12 supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride, L-ascorbyl-2-polyphoshate (stabilized vitamin C), carotene, riboflavin, thiamine mononitrate, biotin, choline chloride, folic acid, calcium pantothenate, inositol, niacin.*
* Because of our commitment to providing the highest quality nutrition available, some differences in ingredients may occur due to regular formula updates.

Crude Protein     min. 3.5%
Crude Fat     min. 0.3%
Crude Fiber     max. 0.7%
Moisture     max. 94.5%
Phosphorus     max. 0.1%
Vitamin C     min. 10 mg/kg
Vitamin B2     min. 2 mg/kg
Vitamin B12      min. 200 µg/kg