Kangaroo Tail
Kangaroo Tail
Kangaroo Tail
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Kangaroo Tail

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We use a slow-drying process to remove the moisture from the quality products we source, resulting in an amplified flavour profile irresistible to pets.

This process is all-natural with no added chemicals or additives.

All Australian, our products are 100% grown and made in Australia.

  • Made from 100% Aussie Kangaroo
  • Source of Nutritious Marrow and Calcium
  • Great for Dental Health - Controls Plaque & Tartar
  • Source of Natural Glucosamine and Chondroitin
  • High in Protein, Lasting Chew
  • Additives and Preservatives Free
  • Long Shelf Life - up to 12 Months

Our Split MEATY Roo Lumbar Bones are also known as Kangaroo Tail.

These bones have a reasonable amount of dehydrated meat still attached and are a real favorite with dogs. They provide not only hours of chewing, but also give your pet a healthy protein packed chew, that doubles as a natural teeth cleaner. Kangaroo Lumbar is a great source of Protein, Iron and Zinc with zero artificial ingredients. They have an overall length of around 20-25cm and have been split down the centre of the tail. (See Pics). A very durable dog chew that will keep your pet going for hours. Our all natural Roo Lumbar Bones are a single ingredient product.