Lysine Paste for Cats & Kittens

Lysine Paste for Cats & Kittens

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L-lysine is an essential amino-acid not synthesized by animals, and must be supplemented to correct deficiencies.

L-lysine supplementation is reported to reduce symptoms of FHV-1 virus in cats and kittens.

An Australian study of respiratory diseases in cats reported 21.2% positive for FHV-1.

Published reports on L-lysine supplementation in cats and kittens:

Oral administration of 500 mg L-lysine twice daily was well-tolerated and resulted in less severe manifestations of conjunctivitis caused by FHV-1 compared with cats that received placebo treatment.

L-lysine at 250 mg twice daily reduced viral shedding. Although there is a lack of controlled studies, it is believed this dose of L-lysine helps reduce chronic and recurrent clinical symptoms of FHV-1.

For symptoms of FHV-1 L-lysine 500 mg, orally 12 hours is recommended.

Active constituent:

Lysine paste for cats and kittens is an oral supplement containing 250 mg/ml of L-lysine HCL.

Lysine for cats and kittens:

L-lysine is an essential amino-acid important for the development and maintenance of body functions and the immune system.It is not synthesized by animals and it must be available in dietary constituents or orally supplemented. It is important to supplement cats and kittens with respiratory and FHV-1 symptoms.

Directions for Use:

Each mL contains 250 mg/mL L-lysine in a palatable oral supplement for cats and kittens. The suspension may be applied to the paw, where it can be licked off; directly into the mouth, or alternatively onto food. Administer twice daily or as directed by a veterinarian.


100 mL tube

Squeeze the tube gently to dispense a 2 cm strip of paste approximately equivalent to 1 mL of product. After each use cap the tube to preserve the paste and prevent contamination.