Nutrafin Max Betta Colour Enhancing Fish Food

Nutrafin Max Betta Colour Enhancing Fish Food

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This Colour Enhancing Betta Food contains a special red algal meal found only in Hawaii.

This helps to promote the rapid development of colours in tropical fish.

High in protein to meet the nutritional needs of your Betta.

Includes freeze-dried bloodworms as a special treat.

Low phosphorus content helps minimise algae blooms in the aquarium or bowl.

Contains P.D.P. (Pre-Digested Plankton) which quickly enhances colours & is easily digested.

Multi-vitamin supplements ensure optimum growth & disease resistance.


  • Betta fish food
  • Contains natural colour enhancers
  • Includes freeze-dried bloodworms for maximum palatability
  • Multi-vitamins Advanced yeast extract