Ocean Free Pro Bottom Feeder Algae Wafers - Small 250g
Ocean Free

Ocean Free Pro Bottom Feeder Algae Wafers - Small 250g

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Recommended for: all Plecostomus, all Corydoras, all Loaches, all algae eaters, all catfish, all bottom-feeding cyprinids and some freshwater stingrays

Professional aquarium keepers and fish hobbyists alike know that sprinkling the wrong food in your fishs tank can have some very bad results, including excessive bio-waste that puts pressure on your aquarium system, malnourished fish and even sick fish!

Thankfully, Ocean Free will have you (and your fish) feeling as calm as a wide blue ocean. Their Pro series fish feed is made with only the finest ingredients, ensuring that your fishes receive the appropriate nutrition for the best in growth and development. The Pro series also helps your fish out-grow various conditions, and is formulated with colour-enhancing and body-shaping proteins from spirulina and krill as well as immune system-enhancing ingredients for an all-round happy and healthy fish.

Available for a wide range of fresh- and saltwater fish species, Ocean Free can take care of everything from rare Arowanas to every bottom-feeders such as plecos.


  • State-of-the-art scientifically formulated fish feed
  • Formulated specifically for bottom feeders
  • Increased palatability to ensure optimal feed consumption
  • Enriched with Ocean Frees Opti-BF, a metabolic enhancer that increases digestibility and absorb-ability by at least 30%
  • Bio-formulated with immune-enhancing substances that fortify your fishs immune system for better health and extra resistance against sickness
  • Contain various nutrients that ensure your fish receive a wholesome meal for enhanced growth and development