Petface Seriously Strong Dental Ring Tread

Petface Seriously Strong Dental Ring Tread

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Some dogs are aggressive chewers and can chew through toys in a matter of hours.

Petface have developed their Seriously Strong Range specifically for these aggressive chewers by providing a variety of durable toys designed to withstand aggressive chewing even from powerfully built breeds!

The Petface Seriously Strong Dental Ring Tread is a tough toy for tough dogs!
Containing unique polymers to increase durability the Dental Ring Tread will provide endless fun and stimulation for your pets!

Made from 100% pet safe rubber and using only high grade non toxic materials the Seriously Strong dental Ring Tread is safe for your dog to chew to his hearts content.

In fact, chewing on the rubber toy eliminates the potential growth of bacteria and they toy is soft enough not to damage your dog’s gums or teeth. The toy also helps to maintain your dog’s interest by providing them with a variety of textures to explore and chew.

A great boredom buster the Petface Seriously Strong Dental Ring Tread is the perfect solution to your dog’s aggressive chewing, keeping your four footed friend happy and comfortable without being destructive.

  • No pet toy is indestructible
  • How long the pet toy lasts is dependant on the ability and dexterity of your pet
  • Pets should always be supervised when using toys
  • Examine regularly for wear and tear
  • Replace if ripped or torn
  • Not suitable for children