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PetStages Durable Stick Dog Toy
PetStages Durable Stick Dog Toy
PetStages Durable Stick Dog Toy
PetStages Durable Stick Dog Toy
PetStages Durable Stick Dog Toy
PetStages Durable Stick Dog Toy

PetStages Durable Stick Dog Toy

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Keep your dog away from hazardous sticks with the safe and fun Durable Stick from Petstages! 

Sticks are one of the most popular playthings for dogs, yet they can pose a danger to your pet. Thin, breakable sticks can prick your dog with splinters. But you don’t have to worry about your furry stick-loving companion bringing home risky chew toys again when you have the Petstages Dogwood Durable Stick!

This innovative dog chew toy is cleverly designed to look like the real thing, and it’s even partially made with real wood. To ensure its durability, this stick toy is fortified with dog-safe synthetic material to make it a long-lasting chew stick for your canine. The Durable Stick also has a natural wood smell that’s appealing to dogs, so your pet won’t be letting go of it! With the bark-like grooves on the surface of the stick, this toy helps keep your dog’s teeth clean by massaging their gums and removing soft tartar bits.

Not only is this chew toy great for fetching games, but it also floats so you can take it in the water with you. Built to last, this durable dog toy will keep your four-legged friend entertained for hours. If you want a fanta-stick and safer alternative to ordinary sticks, get the Petstages Dogwood Durable Stick that your dog will sure to love!


  • Unique dog stick toy made from 30% authentic wood and dog-safe synthetic material for durability

  • Ideal chew toy that’s safer than real sticks – won’t splinter

  • Has a natural wood scent that dogs can’t resist

  • Textured surface with tree bark design to make chewing more satisfying

  • Promotes better dental health by cleaning dog’s teeth and removing soft tartar

  • Built to last longer than real wood for never-ending fun

  • Great indoor and outdoor chew stick for your pet to enjoy

  • Can be used for fetching games

  • Floats in water to accommodate water-centered activities

  • Winner of 2012 Pet Product News’ Editor’s Choice Award

  • Available in multiple sizes for all dog breeds

Sizes Available:
 (approx. 102mm (length) x 15mm (diameter)
Small (approx. 133mm (length) x 32mm (diameter)
Medium (approx. 184mm (length) x 38mm (diameter)
Large (approx. 203mm (length) x 44mm (diameter)

Pack Size: 1 stick

Made in USA!