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Human Grade Pet Mince - Chicken
Human Grade Pet Mince - Chicken
Human Grade Pet Mince - Chicken
Raw & Fresh

Human Grade Pet Mince - Chicken

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NOTE: Fresh mince is received every Saturday at Pawfect Pets. If there is any left overs they are moved from the fridge to the freezer at 5pm  closure time

Raw & Fresh only use the highest-quality raw ingredients sourced from human-grade suppliers.

Ingredients are sourced from the same suppliers restaurants and markets use for your food.

No additives, preservatives or fillers. Just the biologically appropriate nutrients they need, as nature intended.

This is broken down into:

Lean Mince

Our pet mince component is high-grade muscle meat, with 5% heart meat. Heart meat is rich in taurine, which is an essential amino acid that promotes normal vision, digestion, heart muscle function and maintains a healthy immune system.


Our organ meat is made exclusively from beef liver, kidney, spleen and pancreas. These are known as "secreting organs", which carnivores value for being nutrient-dense.

Offal forms 10% of each recipe and is packed with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids:

    • Phosphorus

    • Calcium

    • Magnesium

    • Potassium

    • Iron

    • Zinc

    • Copper

    • Vitamin A, B6, B12, D, E and C

    • Taurine

    • Thiamin

    • Riboflavin

    • Niacin

    • Pantothenic Acid

    • Folic Acid

    • Selenium

  • Biotin

Most importantly, offal is a wholly-natural source of nutrients, unlike the synthetic ingredients added to most mass-produced pet foods.

Bone Content

Our Chicken recipes also contain 10% ground bone, mixed with the meat content. Bone content provides a good calcium boost, with additional nutrients provided by the marrow and cartilage.

The Roo and Beef recipes do not have any bone content. To find complementary calcium content for these recipes, you can browse our bones section for bones like chicken necks, chicken wings or turkey necks.

Bone & Fat Content

Protein Type Bone Fat %
Chicken 10% 15%
Beef 10%


Production & Food Safety

Our mixes are made fresh to order in our hygienic commercial kitchens, with very strict sanitary measures that include a full sanitary scrub-down between production runs.

To preserve the nutrient value and freshness of our foods, we recommend observing careful food safety practices. Always wash your hands and bowls after feeding.


We package our recipes inside an airtight barrier film, tightly vacuum-sealed, removing most of the oxygen to keep our products fresh longer. The packs are easy to cut open and dispose of.

Shelf Life

We use no preservatives whatsoever. Not even the supposedly "natural" ones commonly used by other pet food brands. Preservatives have been shown to cause serious harm to pets both short and long term. Preservative use is responsible for a great number of product recalls in the pet industry and we avoid them altogether.

We recommend you freeze all products upon receiving your delivery. You can put aside any meals into the fridge that you intend to feed within the first couple of days.

Our shelf life is:

Frozen: 3 months

Sealed Pack in Fridge: 1 days

Opened Pack in Fridge: Feed same day

Compare Recipes

Raw Chicken

No offal or vegetables, just raw lean mince.

Chicken Basics

Our Basics Recipe is ideal for dogs and puppies who do not want vegetable content in their base meals, or for pet parents who prefer to start with a simpler base to create their own meals. Some pets also have allergies to certain vegetables, which are left out of our Basics recipes.

This pre-made meal has a balance of 80% muscle meat (including 5% heart meat for extra taurine), 10% ground bone and 10% offal made up of highly nutritious secreting organs.

Chicken Essentials

Our Essentials Recipe is a more complete meal for dogs, with added veggies for fibre and nutrients.

This meal has a balance of 60% muscle meat (including 5% heart meat for extra taurine) 20% vegetables10% ground bone and 10% offal made up of highly nutritious secreting organs.