Recall Lead Leash 10m
Recall Lead Leash 10m
Recall Lead Leash 10m
Recall Lead Leash 10m

Recall Lead Leash 10m

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Recall training can be hard enough in a secure environment where you know your dog cannot run off but in a open environment with lots of other distractions it can seem near impossible.

Recall leads also known as long lines have been specially designed to take away the risk of your dog running off whilst still giving them the space and sense of freedom they need. They allow you to add distance from your dog to practice longer recalls whilst still maintaining control.

Help ! - I love taking my dog to the beach but he just runs off

Recall lines are also great for taking your dog to the beach or to the park where you want them to have some freedom but do not trust them enough to let them off lead completely.

Item Description

Each lead is made by Puppingtons here in South Australia using Australian made soft spun polyester webbing (similar feel to cotton) and high quality snap hooks and threads.

They have a handle on one end and a high quality snap hook clip on the other. 


Pink, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Black and many more