URS Ultimate Calcium

URS Ultimate Calcium

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With over 50 years of husbandry, breeding and health experience, Ultimate Reptile Supplies are a trusted source for all your reptile requirements. URS produce a wide range of Australian-made vivariums, terrariums, heating and light systems, instruments, feed, supplements and habitat accessories.

Calcium deficiency in captive reptiles can result in metabolic bone disease, causing bones to become weak and fracture. Ultimate Calcium provides a convenient source of calcium with an ultra-fine powder that can be sprinkled on your reptiles food. This supplement has added vitamin D3 to aid in calcium absorption.

  • Made from finely ground oyster shells
  • Added vitamin D3 to assist with calcium absorption during digestion
  • Fine particles ideal for dusting insects
  • Phosphorus-free to help balance calcium:phosphorus ratio